About our Akitas


History Of Akitas


Akitas are Japan’s entry in the ancient canine clan of spitz-type  dogs bred around the world on the globe’s northern latitudes. The breed  as we know it was developed in the early 17th century in the Akita  prefecture of northern Japan. It is said that the emperor banished a  wayward nobleman to the prefecture, the northernmost province of the  island of Honshu, where the nobleman was ordered to live out his days as  a provincial ruler. As it happens, this exiled aristocrat was an ardent  dog man and encouraged the barons under his sway to compete in the  breeding of a large, versatile hunting dog. Generations of selective  breeding produced the Akita, a powerful hunter with a strong work ethic  and stout heart who worked in packs on such big game as wild boar, deer,  and the fearsome Yezo bear. Owning Akitas was once restricted to the  imperial family and their court. In more recent times, just plain folks  the world over have employed their Akitas as world-class family  guardians.

Akitas have for centuries been the object of myth and legend and  occupy a special place in Japanese culture. When a child is born, the  parents will usually receive an Akita figurine signifying happiness and  long life, in keeping with an old Japanese tradition. A famously loyal  Akita of the 1920s named Hachiko is among Japan’s most cherished  symbols.

Various times during the Akita’s long history, the breed teetered on  the brink of extinction. To ensure the Akita’s survival, a Japanese  national breed club was founded in 1927. Helen Keller is credited with  bringing the first Akita to the United States, a gift she received while  visiting Japan. Akitas caught on in America after WWII, when returning  GIs brought them back from the Pacific. The breed entered the AKC Stud  Book in 1972.


About the Akita


Akitas are burly, heavy-boned  spitz-type dogs of imposing stature. Standing 24 to 28 inches at the  shoulder, Akitas have a dense coat that comes in several colors,  including white. The head is broad and massive, and is balanced in the  rear by a full, curled-over tail. The erect ears and dark, shining eyes  contribute to an expression of alertness, a hallmark of the breed.

Akitas are quiet, fastidious dogs. Wary of strangers and often  intolerant of other animals, Akitas will gladly share their silly,  affectionate side with family and friends. They thrive on human  companionship. The large, independent-thinking Akita is hardwired for  protecting those they love. They must be well socialized from birth with  people and other dogs.


What Makes Our Akitas Special


About Wicked Antler Kennels

Wicked Antler Kennels’ mission is to provide the most healthy of puppy(ies) so your family will have many years of enjoyable, lovable experience with your new puppy!

Wicked Antler Kennels prides ourselves on making sure we provide the utmost in healthy puppies and by doing this we have had all of our Dams and Sires run through a battery of test to ensure they are free of any genetic problems. Our Dams and Sires are also up to date on all of their vaccinations including rabies.

Each of our Dams and Sires will have their thyroid, eyes, hips and elbows tested and certified by OFA (Orthopedic Foundations For Animals, Inc.). Our Sires will be DNA tested. DNA profiling is for the purpose of permanent identification of a dog and for parentage testing.

After all of the testing is complete, we hand pick each Dam and Sire to mate to ensure the best puppy. We want the best temperament, markings, intelligence, mannerisms, and playfulness to come out in each puppy. This is how we know you are getting the best of the best when it comes to AKC Registered Akita Puppy(ies).

Health Guarantee

Wicked Antler Kennels will have each puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian to ensure they are healthy. Each puppy will have their vaccinations and de-wormed up to date. You will be provided with the serial numbers and certification of the vaccines to give to your veterinarian. To ensure the health of our puppy(ies) we require, you the buyer at your own expense, to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian of your choosing and have the puppy checked out. We must receive, within 72 hours of you getting your puppy(ies), a copy of their report for our records. Failure to do this will void your health guarantee.

Genetic Guarantee

Wicked Antler Kennels will provide a one year congenital defects of the puppy(ies). This would be something that the parents have that is congenitally transferred to the puppy(ies). This is why we perform the battery of test on of each of our Dams and Sires to make sure they are free of any congenial issues..

 Our adult dogs and puppies are fed top of the line dog food ( Nutri Source ). Our dams are fed a high quality new born food for optimal milk production, we start this regiment two weeks before birth and continue it throughout the nursing cycle.  

 Instead of giving our dogs the over processed store bought treats we feed them a hard boiled egg a day. This is an all natural high protein treat with lasting benefits that keeps their coats soft and shinny.

Why Purchase Your Akita From Wicked Antler Kennels?

Puppy Package Includes;


  • All Adult Dogs Have Been Health DNA Tested
  • We Micro Chip Plus Handle The Registration
  • Full AKC Registration
  • Full Hands On Once Birthing Process Starts
  • Human and Dog Interaction Which Grooms Socialization Skills
  • Puppies  Are Monitored 24/7 By Camera 
  • Climate Controlled Whelping House
  • Wormed at 2, 4 and 6 Weeks of Age
  • Up To Date Vaccines
  • Veterinarian Check
  • 1 Year Genetic Guarantee
  • 5 Generation Pedigree
  • Puppy Care Package
  • Life Time Support

We at Wicked Antler Kennels take pride in producing the healthiest puppies! This all starts long before the birthing process. Each of our adult Akitas have been health DNA tested ensuring our buyers that there are no genetic or health problems in our herd. Be sure to check out the results of each Dam and Sire. Then each paring of our Dams and Sires is hand selected for temperament, looks and quality of puppies they will produce. Soon after conception each Dam is brought into the whelping house where they have their own private quarters. The whelping house is kept at a controlled temperature ensuring each Dam is comfortable and stress free. Each Dam is started on a feeding regimen of Nutra Source which includes Tuffy’s Gold mixed with puppy formula and puppy starter also from Nutra Source. This maximizes the protein they receive to help keep the Dam strong and to build up their milk supply to maximum potential before their puppies are born. Each Dam also receives hard boiled eggs and yogurt throughout this process. We also have a secret weapon that each Dam is given once the birthing process starts and is given up to time to wean the puppies which helps with milk production. We can physically see a big difference in our Dam’s by in acting this regimen.

We find that most pet owners do not mess with registering the puppy with AKC or micro chip registration because they do not want to mess with the paper work.  So we decided to do this for each of our buyers. We register your puppy with AKC and their registration paperwork will come straight to you in the mail. We also will register your puppy’s micro chip with your name and address so if lost your puppy can find his/her way home. Just an added bonus that Wicked Antler Kennels does for our buyers.

Each whelping pin has a camera with voice and we literally watch and listen to all of our liters 24/7. Our phones are constantly logged in to each camera so if there is an issue we can respond to it immediately. Our whelping house is climate controlled. We continually monitor the thermostat and humidity level to make sure each liter is comfortable. Throughout the different stages of life the temperature has to be regulated so the puppies will not be too cold or too hot.

Once the puppies are walking they are able to go outside which allows them to run and play together. This also helps develop their socialization skills. Momma also teaches each puppy to go outside to do their business which starts the potty training process. We find that once the puppy is 8 weeks old and ready to go to their new home they are more than 80% potty trained. 

This is just a little information on how we strive to produce the healthiest puppy. We take pride in our puppies knowing that we have done everything we can to make sure you receive a healthy puppy to be your new companion for life. Thank you for purchasing your new companion from Wicked Antler Kennels.

Buddy ID Microchip


Who We Are

 We are an innovative leader in the world of animal identification and  recovery.  Veterinarian owned and operated.  Highly trained staff.  We  are here in the United States - not overseas.  We are real people who  talk to pet owners and shelters all day long.  We are an official member  of the Pet Microchip Lookup System*.  Parent company Microchip ID  Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1989. 

What We Think

 We think that accountability is important.  That availability matters.   And we think that responsibility to you and to your pet is just like  keeping a promise.  We hold ourselves to very high standards that we  think you will appreciate. 

What We Do

 We register microchipped dogs, cats, and other pets to their owners.  We  help lost animals get home.  We talk to shelters and vets, pet owners  and rescues. We meet families with new puppies or kittens.  We meet  retirees who have a new ‘child’.  We love our work.  We are here to  help.  And to listen.  It’s what we do. 

Member Site


Visit Your Web Account!  Update your info, report a lost pet,  upload a picture, list your Safe Places™.  NO MORE FEES, EVER!

What Wicked Antler Kennels Will Do For You

Wicked Antler Kennels will provide the microchip FREE. We will register the microchip in your name for a reduced price of $25.00. Most veterinarians charge between $50.00 to $100.00 for this service.


Customers who have questions, can contact us at 573-397-1150

Our Veterinarian's Of Choice

Animal Health Center

Wicked Antler Kennels Vet

Wicked Antler Kennels Vet



Animal Health Center of Rolla

At the Animal Health Center of Rolla,  we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality care for your pets  and livestock. Your pet is an important part of your family and when he  or she is ill, you want the best medical care available. Our  veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with  cutting-edge veterinary care,from wellness exams and vaccines to  advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures. We have hours that  are convenient for our clients and their pets. 

Wicked Antler Kennels Vet

Wicked Antler Kennels Vet

Wicked Antler Kennels Vet



Dr. Erica M. Smith,

Dr. Erica Smith earned her Doctor of Veterinary  Medicine degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, in  2007. She practiced for several years in West Virginia before relocating  to Rolla, and has worked at the Animal Health Center since June 2014.

Dr Brian Janke D.V.M.

Dr Brian Janke D.V.M.

Dr Brian Janke D.V.M.

Dr. Janke
Dr. Janke grew up on a dairy farm in Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State U

Dr Brian Janke D.V.M.

Dr Brian Janke D.V.M.



Welcome to Rolla Animal Hospital! (573) 341-2221

For all your pet care needs, contact our hospital in Rolla, MO. Headed by Dr. Brian A. Janke D.V.M., our full service animal hospital provides a wide range of professional veterinary services for small and large animals. With experienced and caring technicians, we can assure you professional services.

Our task is to provide excellent quality, compassionate care, and life-long health for your pet. We look forward to welcoming you and your four legged friends to our animal family. We have an exceptional doctor and staff with particular interests in all aspects of animal care. Our family-oriented staff is committed to providing you with state of the art veterinary care while maintaining an atmosphere of respect, support, and continued education.

Dr. Janke


Dr. Janke grew up on a dairy farm in Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State University, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1985. After graduation he worked in Sedalia, MO for 2 years, a practice in Northeast Kansas for 2 years, then came to Rolla in 1989. In 1991, he purchased Forum Drive Small Animal Hospital. In 1996 he built the Rolla Animal Hospital.

Dr. Janke and his wife Kim have been married for 30 years and have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. When he is not working with animals, he enjoys spending time with his kids and grandkids 

Our #1 Choice For Our Akitas

Nutri Source

Large Breed Puppy

Adult Dog Food



KLN Family Brands is: Quality

The  KLN reputation is based on the quality of the product. It can take  decades to build a reputation and mere seconds to lose it. We recognize  this life rule with the development of every product we make. KLN  employees take pride in consistently producing the highest quality  products; commitment to excellence and food safety standards are a  priority. We proudly state that both companies have received only “A”  and “A+” ratings from BRC (British Retail Consortium, a Global Food  Safety Standard). Achieving outstanding quality requires focused, well  trained employees, quality ingredients and processes, as well as clean  and modern facilities (our facilities are truly world class). Customers  trust the KLN brand to consistently deliver high quality products. We  appreciate that trust and recognize its importance to our present and  future success.

Adult Dog Food

Large Breed Puppy

Adult Dog Food




Dog Food

                Chicken & Rice Formula              

  • Our #1 seller nationwide!
  • Our  revolutionary supplement system, Good 4 Life, includes 4 key  ingredients. They work together to condition, repair and promote gut  health in all animals-often improving health with the first feeding.
  • Bio-available for your beloved pets growth and development.
  • Cooked with fresh humanely certified chicken raised on farms.
  • From our family to yours - family owned means we can make decisions based on what's best for your family pets!

Large Breed Puppy

Large Breed Puppy

Worlds Finest Ingredients



Large Breed Puppy

Dog Food

  • Bio-available for your beloved pets growth and development.
  • Our  revolutionary supplement system, Good 4 Life, includes 4 key  ingredients. They work together to condition, repair and promote gut  health in all animals-often improving health with the first feeding.
  • Cooked with fresh humanely certified chicken raised on farms.
  • From our family to yours - family owned means we can make decisions based on what's best for your family pets!

Available in: 5 lb., 15 lb. and 30 lb.

Worlds Finest Ingredients

Worlds Finest Ingredients

Worlds Finest Ingredients




NutriSource Hero 

World’s Finest Ingredients

           Priority #1 to the folks here in Perham, Minnesota, is  delivering the safest, most nutritious and flavorful pet foods possible.  We’ve been cooking healthy pet foods in our small town since 1964 and  we’re in control of every step of the process—from the farm to the bowl.           Good sourcing practices begin with the suppliers from whom we  purchase. We search for quality vendors who are dedicated to raising  healthy food ingredients. We make sure everything we source is produced  ethically, in accordance with local laws and our high standards. In  addition, we give preferential treatment to those suppliers still owned  and operated by their families. Our Country is stronger when companies  support their local family-owned businesses. Below are some of the  world’s finest ingredients....            

Where Pet Health Begins

Worlds Finest Ingredients

Where Pet Health Begins



Where Pet Health Begins

testimonials header  

Good Food Feeds a Pet. Great Food Nourishes Your Pet’s Whole Body.

You  work tirelessly to keep your pet healthy and happy and choosing the  right food is fundamental to ensuring that. Not just any food will do  but with so many choices, picking the best food for your pet can be a  difficult decision. 

When formulating our Nutrisource, Pure  Vita and Natural Planet products we carefully consider every ingredient.  We’re particular about our suppliers so we can guarantee that our raw  ingredients will pass our very stringent testing. We are equally  conscientious about how our food is made so we manufacturer our own  kibble in a state of the art AIB certified facility utilizing the most  consummate quality control standards. We also mill our own legumes and  grains, grind our own meats and cook under 200 degrees to maximize  nutrition. All these efforts result in nutrient dense recipes that  maximize bio-availability.


More Nutrition

Less Food, Less Money, Less Waste. 



The percentage of nutrients – the good stuff in food – ‘available’ for  your pet’s digestive system to convert into a robust body, strong bones,  and shining coat. 

Our Treat Of Choice

Worlds Finest Ingredients

Where Pet Health Begins




Grain Free Biscuits

  • At  NutriSource® we believe every dog should enjoy a treat now and then.  Our drool worthy biscuits are a crunchy reward for any occasion. Our  fresh baked biscuits include a wide variety of fruits and vegtables as  well as Carni-King, a concentrated source of bioavailable L-Carnitine  that helps build a lean body by helping your happy pet burn fat. With  NutriSource® you can treat guilt free - the best way to build a happy  healthy family!
  • Over 75 pcs -Made with Fresh locally sourced Humane certified Chicken - That's a lot of happiness in one package.
  • Training Bites - Sit, Rollover, Drool - Not necessarily in that order! 

Advantage Of AKC Registration

Additional Information




Having a Dog is a Lifelong Journey

Let the AKC® Be There to Support You Along the Way

COMPLETE YOUR LIFETIME REGISTRATION TODAY  and access AKC’s Canine Care packages, which include essential  resources and services available to you throughout every stage of your  dog’s life.


  • AKC Pet Insurance: 30 days of pet health insurance, with up to $1,500 of coverage, at no obligation or additional cost to you*
  • VetNET: FREE initial vet appointment at any provider in AKC’s Veterinary Network
  • AKC ReuniteSM: Help your dog get home safely with its custom collar tag and 24/7/365 protection
  • AKC’s GoodDog!SM Training Helpline: Receive live support and advice from expert trainers available 7 days/week



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Litter Inquiries

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