Shika Of Wicked Antler


Shika and Akira is our other set of sisters. Shika is a love bug and loves to have her belly rubbed.  She loves to play with her sister and Kuma. She has some really great markings on her, her ears stand tall and her tail will be a tight curl. She also has a very personal demeanor and happy go lucky attitude. 

Very Intelligent


We soon realized how smart and attentive Akitas   are; they watch birds and airplanes in the sky and follow squirrels   through the tree tops. They watch what you are doing and try to learn  on  how to do it. They are problem solvers. They are super easy to train   along with being very loyal to their family. 

  We have found that all our Akitas are super easy to house break, with learning in just a few days.

Shika Embark DNA Test Results





A1a is the most common maternal lineage among Western dogs. This lineage traveled from the site of dog domestication in Central Asia to Europe along with an early dog expansion perhaps 10,000 years ago. It hung around in European village dogs for many millennia. Then, about 300 years ago, some of the prized females in the line were chosen as the founding dogs for several dog breeds. That set in motion a huge expansion of this lineage. It's now the maternal lineage of the overwhelming majority of Mastiffs, Labrador Retrievers and Gordon Setters. About half of Boxers and less than half of Shar-Pei dogs descend from the A1a line. It is also common across the world among village dogs, a legacy of European colonialism.



Part of the large A1a haplogroup, this rare haplotype occurs in dogs with Asian ancestry.



Shika of Wicked Antler has two healthy alleles at SOD1 and is unlikely to develop DM due to mutations in this gene.

Genetic Health Conditions


Not At Risk

Good news! Shika of Wicked Antler did not test positive for any of the genetic conditions that Embark screens for.

Not A Carrier

Good news! Shika of Wicked Antler is not a carrier for any of the genetic conditions that Embark tests for.

Good news! Shika of Wicked Antler tested clear for 7 other common genetic conditions that Embark tests for. 

Other Conditions


>Shika of Wicked Antler is clear of 165 other genetic conditions that Embark tests for.  

Other Body Features


Other Body Features

SEE DETAILSMuzzle Length (BMP3)Likely medium or long muzzle (CC)Tail Length (T)Likely normal-length tail (CC)Hind Dewclaws (LMBR1)Unlikely to have hind dew claws (CC)Blue Eye Color (ALX4) LINKAGELess likely to have blue eyes (NN)Back Muscling & Bulk, Large Breed (ACSL4)Likely normal muscling (CC) 


Body Size

SEE DETAILSBody Size (IGF1)Larger (NN)Body Size (IGFR1)Larger (GG)Body Size (STC2)Larger (TT)Body Size (GHR - E195K)Larger (GG)Body Size (GHR - P177L)Larger (CC) 

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